B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera Apk

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera Apk

• Over 1,500 contrasting stickers

– Facial affirmation stickers that can reshape your face or change you into a delightful animal

– Shiny effects and in the current style straightforward channels to illuminate your day


– Various representation impacts that you can draw as you take a video.

• Real-time grandness effects to get the perfect shot immediately 

– Perfect skin with a singular tap

• Immaculate channels to suit your taste 


– High quality channels perfect for selfies, sustenance, scenes, or any occasion

– Quick access to your most adored and most used channels

• Easily make awesome music chronicles 

– Pair your chronicles with invigorating tunes


– Diverse effects and playback speeds for logically one of a kind music accounts

• Meet beguiling characters that end up vivified using AR stickers (Augmented reality features are only open on specific contraptions.) 

• Take fun boomerang chronicles that play on a circle

• Use modifying mechanical assemblies from show to make your present photos progressively extraordinary


• Create courses of action where you can see all your greatest minutes in a solitary spot

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