Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster Apk (booster & cleaner)

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster Apk (booster & cleaner)

Trusted by 230 million customers, DU Speed Booster and Cleaner can clean save and refuse record, help your phone to make phone speedier, making it the best store cleaner, memory advertiser, DU Speed Booster and Cleaner Total secures your Android contraption, clean, and brisk to be for each situation essentially like “New”.

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner is the fundamental no matter how you look at it speed advertiser, rubbish cleaner and antivirus application that improves your experience applications, memory space and junk(cache) records. While shielding your device from disease and trojan, that can check your private data with the AppLock work.

DU Speed Booster(Antivirus and Junk Cleaner)Highlights:

► Phone Boost and Memory Boost – The best phone speed supporter 


Clean up memory (RAM) and improve phone speed by removing monotonous establishment endeavors.

Stop stealthy running applications, Aims to quickening your android contraption.

We furthermore have phone supporter substitute way, One-Tap Boost direct from your home screen makes it easy to progress.

► Junk File Cleaner – Small yet earth shattering cleaner pro, space saver 


Free up space and improve the execution by cunningly check the rubbish records.

For instance, remaining reports, store, temp records, obsolete apks and other immense records.

► Security and Antivirus 

Yield presented applications, memory card content, and new applications thus.


DU Speed Booster and Antivirus latest affirmation progressions against diseases, adware, malware, trojan and that is only the start.

► Network Boost 

One-tap totally distinguishes sort out status, including Wi-Fi security, download speed, exchange speed, arranging contraptions. Close establishment mastermind included applications, to ensure that the using applications is in a predominant framework condition.

► CPU Cooler – Detect and clean applications that reason overheating 


Unending checking temperature changes, distinguishes applications very using CPU and starts a cooling progress, enough lessen the phone temperature.By memory support, it can chill off Android device as brisk as could sensibly be normal.

► Apps Manager – Scan and clean overabundance APK reports 

Splendid Task Manager trade applications, redirections or records, move to SD card viably without looking beginning with one screen then onto the following one! Application Manager for moving inside limit applications to external SD card will give you a lot of free space on your tablet or propelled cell phone.

► AppLock – Guarding your security is less complex than whenever in late memory 


The snappiest and most secure applock for android on the planet; Security mechanical assembly, easy to reset mystery word.

Shield others from getting to your essential private applications, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Gallery, and so forth.

► Smart Charge 

Show charge status dynamically, exactly assessing remaining charge time.


Show admonitions on the screensaver to never miss partners’ messages.

► DU Swipe 

Help customers quickly switch applications and structure settings!

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner is straightforwardly here to deal with all issues that moderate down your Android device execution! DU speed Booster is here to help you with tidying and Speed Up android contraption, android system or in one touch advance all records on your tablet or wireless! It will empower you to expert and advance your experience applications, memory space, trash (hold) records and battery control, similarly as examine applications approvals and secure your phone from diseases.


Help fight against dubious advancements 

DU Group is committed to giving an increasingly secure flexible experience to our overall customers, so we’re centered around doing combating against misleading downloads. We’ve found that a couple of promotions/redirected pages might be noxious progression from darken channels. If you keep running more than one of these commercials, you can help us with bringing them down. If its all the same to you send us the association and screen catches of these ads at spam We esteem your tolerantly help.

Our application uses Accessibility benefits under certain condition to engage moved works and improve your experience.


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