Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock🐬

Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock🐬

🐬 Dolphin Browser is the best web adventurer program for Android with quick stacking rate, HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tab bar, sidebars, in veil analyzing and glimmer player. Exactly when clients experience the smart, sharp and individual Web of Dolphin, customary Mobile Internet feels like torment.

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Best Mobile Web Browser on Android Market

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Over 150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS

πŸš€Great FeaturesπŸš€ 


βœ” Flash Player

βœ” AdBlock (bounce up blocker)

βœ” Multiple Tabs bar

βœ” Bookmarks and Add-ons sidebar


βœ” Personalized Search

βœ” Fast Download

βœ” Incognito/private Browsing

βœ” Gestures


βœ” Sonar

β˜… Flash player 

Get the best gaming and HD video consideration with player for Android support on Dolphin Browser.

With Dolphin Video, you can watch accounts from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch and some other video site you like!


β˜… AdBlock (hop up blocker) 

Dolphin Browser is a hero among the best AdBlock Browser. With AdBlocker, you can square popups, advertisements, models and progression accounts.

Discover AdBlocker add-on here:

β˜… Multiple tabs bar 


It shows your open tabs, and enables you to switch between them by swiping. Enable you to analyze the web as PC Browser and work zone program.

β˜… Bookmarks and Add-ons sidebar 

It will all in all be gotten to by swiping to the opposite side from the left edge of the screen and demonstrates your bookmarks and investigating history. Swiping to the opposite side, you can esteem the best associations with additional things, for example, Video Downloader, Web to PDF and Dolphin Translate, and so on.

β˜… Personalized ask


Reasonably switch web list with Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Duckduckgo, and so forth.

β˜… Fast download 

Download HTML5, Flash accounts and more with shooting quick speed from the Internet with video downloader. You can in like way effectively destroy or move downloaded reports in the record overseer.

β˜… Incognito/private inspecting 


Dolphin Browser is a shielded program that offers you veritable private looking at establishment without leaving any history information.

β˜… Sync 

Organize your history, bookmarks, and passwords. Likewise, feasibly open and drive tabs and districts crosswise over Android, iPhone, iPad, minimized and pc program including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari utilizing Dolphin Connect. You can even recognize content pushed from work an area program with shoot player for Android.

β˜… Gesture 


Access the Internet by making an individual Gesture for goals and standard highlights

β˜… Sonar 

Dolphin Browser gives you a certified web program you can exchange with. Utilize your voice to search for, share on your most esteemed social affiliations, bookmark most revered districts, and research the web on your telephone. Pursue without framing, even with Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo.

β˜… Themes 


Change your Dolphin Browser with a wide cluster of foundations in the landscape library to suit any style or identity.

β˜… Quick Share 

Dolphin reviews your most beginning late utilized applications to help you feasibly share substance to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and that is only a look at a bigger issue.

πŸš€Dolphin Add-onsπŸš€


– Dolphin Video Player – Flash Player;

– Screen Cut – Screenshot application;

– Web to PDF Converter and Editor;

– Dolphin Jetpack;


– Speed Booster for Android;

– Dolphin Translate – Translator;

– Dolphin QR and Barcode Scanner;

– Dolphin Reader;


– Dolphin Battery Saver;

– Bookmarks Widget;

– Dolphin Brightness;

– Dolphin Tab Reload;


– Dolphin Show IP;

– Dolphin Ultimate Flag;

– Pocket for Dolphin;

– Dropbox for Dolphin;


– Box for Dolphin;

– Dolphin Alexa Rank

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