Easy Urdu Keyboard 2019 Apk – اردو – Urdu on Photos

Easy Urdu Keyboard 2019 Apk – اردو – Urdu on Photos

by and with the guide of you could control your photographs and pics with Urdu content material.

Urdu address Urdu content. In like way Urdu address English substance representation.

by using and by you may make Urdu in any application practically. so likewise, in truth, it is conventionally extraordinarily crucial. fundamentally type the use of gave consolation. furthermore it’s miles out of one comfort so you can other than sort in English without changing over the support.

Uninhibitedly type in Roman English comfort and fitting Urdu articulations will appear usually.



★ non-compulsory Urdu shape. (ا ب پ)

★ resulting articulation proposal

★ Works isolated regularly. (calls for less net)


shows Urdu as you type. 

★ capacity to debilitate help

★ English Keyboard with Dictionary and change.

★ EMOJI comfort secured


★ clean Paisa parcel optional for Pakistan

★★ clean Urdu is incredible segregated. obviously notification may be ousted through getting ★★

✔ It gifts you to make contacts in Urdu.

✔ send SMS in Urdu


✔ submit Urdu in fb.

✔ look google in Urdu

✔ send Urdu messages using WhatsApp, facebook, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber or some other utility gave your cellphone.

✔ send messages in Urdu.


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