Journey: Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker Apk

Journey: Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker Apk

Trusted by an immense number of customers, Journey is your optimal individual journaling accomplice that keeps your private memories for a lifetime. Leave on the voyage of self-awareness. Record step by step events, dream, sustenance, health, track tendency, secret, ruminate, reflect, be gratefulness, and recall those minutes in Journey diary.

#1 Future-confirmation propelled journal/diary 

Planned to keep your journal prop up perpetually, Journey stores your private diary securely in Google Drive.

Pass on your diary in your pocket 


Synchronize journal over various stages. Make in a rush on your mobile phone, or settle down effectively at home and type on Chromebook and work region.

Turn into your journaling affinity

The clear and exquisite diary urges you to make even more step by step.

Simple journaling 


Incorporate photos, sound, video and pen your contemplations. Experience wraps up by adding atmosphere and spots to journal entry.

Keep in mind minutes in a diary 

View your journal in course of occasions, come back to places showed up in guide, adventure out back to the past with logbook and study what you completed a year prior with Throwback.

Outlook tracker


Incorporate your step by step perspective and track it in a graph.

Private diary 

Keep riddle diary with mystery expression and interesting finger impression locking.

Offer minutes with friends and family


Revive your loved ones by showing journal area by means of online systems administration media.

Import and passage journal
You can in like manner convey diary to Word docx and print to PDF. Penzu import not far-removed.

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