LOCKit Apk – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

LOCKit Apk – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

★★★ The Best App Lock and Privacy Guard, Protect All Your Privacy – FREE ★★★

Did your sweetheart constantly check messages, call logs or WhatsApp messages?

Did sidekicks incidentally watch your private photos or accounts?

Did gatekeepers/kids are intrigued about your amusements and FaceBook status?


It masses you out when others take your phone and inconspicuously observe your private substance.

►Applock gives you all things considered security protection. giving APP LOCK, PHOTOS and VIDEOS VAULT, INTRUDER SELFIE, THEMES, FAKE COVER, FINGERPRINT LOCK, NOTIFICATION LOCK, SAFETY REMINDER TOOLS and greater security confirmation.

The most security AppLock! you ought to have security watch ! 

★ Choose APPLock, Don’t risk your private pictures, riddle accounts or photo accumulations falling into the wrong hands or being eradicated!


★ Choose AppLock, You don’t need to worry over your associates getting your phone to play preoccupations.

★ Choose AppLock, Your accomplices can’t frustrate your security on your phone any more.

★ Choose AppLock, Never worry over various applications examining your private data.

★ Choose AppLock, Children are not prepared to change the setting of your phone and destruction up your data.


– Features – 

* App lock: Lock applications containing private substance by using pin, model and one of a kind imprint .

* Photo Safe Vault: Hide photos. Do whatever it takes not to worry over your private photos getting seen by others.

* Video Safe Vault: Hide video in video vault , progressively secure.


* Privacy Status: Intelligent security protection can channel your insurance status,Protect all of your puzzles logically.

* Fake Cover: Disguise your applications unlockscreen to keep from breaking into your mystery expression.

* Notification Cleaner: Block and clean waste takes note.

* Notification Lock: Hide see message content from snoopers.


* Free Themes: More free points make your lockscreen Beautifully

* Lock applications: lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Skype.

* Lock systems: lock structure settings, present/uninstall applications to battle off phone from being destroyed by others or youngsters.

* Lock Google Play Store: lock beguilements and markets to shield your youngsters from getting reliant on entertainments or purchasing in business areas without you learning.


* Lock moving toward call: Prevent sweetheart to pickup ex private phone calls

* Notification bar: Adding new Notification bar to your screen, for quick lock application or open application and greater security protection tips.

* Hide configuration draw way and be vague: Unlock progressively secure.

* Set discretionary digits as stick reassure: Unlock progressively secure.


* LOCKit can be kept from being uninstall

* Lock new applications

* Minimum resource used: LOCKit is as of now faster and lighter than whenever in late memory, Little pack measure empowers us to confine RAM.

* Easy-to-use and straightforward GUI


* Supports vernaculars: English,Spanish,French,Chinese,Arabic,Portuguese,Russian,Indonesian,Persian,Malaysia,Thailand,Hindi,Bengali

– FAQs – 

1.How to use the Fingerprint Lock? 

Special imprint lock just sponsorships android 6.0+ And it requires gear support for one of a kind imprint recognition.If your device supports extraordinary imprint affirmation, you can engage one of a kind finger impression lock in settings.


2. Why I can’t move photos or accounts into Vault? 

You should check if your photos or accounts are in the external SD card. For specific devices above Android 5.0, LOCKit needs approval to verify your photos or chronicles in external SD card.

– Permissions – 

* This application uses Accessibility organizations.


* For new customers, if its all the same to you hold fast to the bearings and support approvals for LOCKit to work.

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