My Zong Apk

My Zong Apk

My Zong App is a One-hinder goal for taking care of your Zong Account, Checking staying free assets, flash off/Deactivate packages or bundles, check net history subtleties, Recharge Your Account, Get suggestions for web Bundles, amusement and outright additional.

at last you may login as much as 5 numbers inside the interval with direct advances.

With My Zong App, paid ahead of time, postpaid, MBB and net SIM clients can profit following capacities in 3 vernaculars: English, Urdu and in chinese.


control Your Zong Account

View ownership information of SIM

Postpaid customers might now check convenient Ebill of new three months.

investigate current security and Its Expiry Date


Dynamic bundle Plan and Promotions data for each postpaid and paid early

control your MBB device and prompt MBB packages unequivocally from MY ZONG APP

start net SIMs gathering

View web usage


View call and SMS brief records subtleties.

information supervisor for suggestion of records Bundles dependent On use

start or Deactivate Zong Promotions/bundles/VAS

Revive Your Account through scratch card or Recharge at the web


movement toward observing the chance to be Zong individual



Distractions and Apps


discover Us

Reconnection battle check

book 4G gadgets

Zong CSC and Franchise Addresses Map


Zong Helpline subtleties

PayMax managers try for

Zong Social Media (fb, Twitter and Chat)


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