Sleep Timer Apk (Turn music off)

Sleep Timer Apk (Turn music off)

Rest Timer allows you to fall asleep to your most adored music. You fundamentally start your music, and after that set the beginning clock. At the completion of the initiation, Sleep Timer gently obscures your music out and stops it. Empowering you to get your significant rest and keeps your battery from draining.

Check out music while falling asleep 

Rest Timer carefully cuts down the volume and after that kills your music. It works essentially like a Sleep Timer on the stereo or TV.


Use your most cherished music player or even YouTube! 

Works with Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, YouTube and various some more. To affirm whether it works with your most cherished player, essentially download the application and give it a shot – it is free.

Select to what degree you need the music to play 

Our intuitive and awesome UI empowers you to effortlessly set the range of the clock and start it.


Make presets for your as regularly as conceivable used timekeepers

With our presets, you can switch between standard timekeepers with just a single tap

Shield your battery from exhausting 

Around the completion of the clock, the music is stopped* to shield your phone from playing music for the duration of the night and exhausting the battery.


*For a few applications, postponing the music does not work. Everything considered the phone volume will set to calm when in doubt. For this circumstance, the music will continue playing.

Shake to grow clock 

At times falling asleep isn’t that straightforward. Our shake to extend empowers you to shake the phone to expand the length of the clock, without you opening your phone.

Free structure


The free structure contains advancements

Premium structure (Available by methods for in-application)

Promotion free

Exquisite Widget for your homescreen


You should endeavor it with your most adored player before obtaining.


This application may request certain agrees to work, for instance,

– android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Using custom notice sounds for Shake Extend take note.


– android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN : This application uses the Device Administrator assent. May be requested in the wake of engaging the component and will be ousted when the segment is disabled. In case you have to uninstall while having the component picked, open this application, click on [Menu] – > [Settings] – > [Uninstall].

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