Video Watermark Apk – Create & Add Watermark on Videos

Video Watermark Apk – Create & Add Watermark on Videos

Guarantee your Videos by including watermark. Make your very own picture identity(Logo) and watermark your accounts.

You needn’t mess with a Computer to incorporate watermark chronicles. Video Watermark empowers you to incorporate watermark accounts straightforwardly on your phone.

Video Watermark works in establishment and let you do distinctive things while incorporating watermark chronicles in establishment.

Make your own one of a kind picture identity(Watermark/Logo), apply your watermark on your chronicles and emerge enough to be seen from others by sharing your eye getting watermarked accounts by means of electronic systems administration media.


Video Watermark is a speedy and easy to use application to make and apply watermark on record. Make your own special watermark or use existing watermark design and apply on any of your video in a rush.

Video Watermark goes with capable Watermark/Logo Maker with the objective that you can make your own picture identity(Logo) and Advance video modifying gadget makes you apply watermark on video successfully.

Video Watermark adds watermark to your video to impact it to modify. In like manner you can set watermark position, shading and dimness over your video to modify or copyright video.



✔ Fast and easy to use with straightforward UI.

✔ High Quality video created.

✔ Easy to make watermark with “Influence Watermark” to incorporate.

✔ Supports MP4 and critical plan in Videos


✔ Easy to adjust position, gauge, tone.

✔ Change straightforwardness of your extra watermark.

✔ Easy to save.

✔ View all created video in gathering show.


✔ Delete or Easy sharing to Social Media.


● Select a Video from show to be modify.

● Create or Choose a Watermark.


● Adjust measure, position tint and straightforwardness of Watermark.

● Then Apply and trust that strategy will aggregate or pick advise me later.

● “Prompt me later” incorporate disclose to you when your video with Watermark is readied.

● Notification Feature show you see with process(i.e. what sum is done) paying little heed to whether your application isn’t opened.


● Save your time since you need not to believe that the system will add up to if once started.

● Preview your saved video and offer viably.

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