App Off Timer Apk

App Off Timer Apk

■ Overview

Have you had encounters, for example, you don’t see that it has been so much time you have been playing a diversion and kids are stuck to cell phones. This application takes care of these issues.

◆For precedent in this usage◆

1) If the clock of the video application is set to 10 minutes and the hold up time is set to 30 minutes…


At that point 10 minutes after you begin seeing the video a message screen shows up and the video application is strongly closed down.

After it closes down then you won’t most likely open it by and by until 30 minutes.

2) If as far as possible for use of the video application for 1 day is set to 1 hour …

At that point after the video application in 1 day is utilized for 60 minutes, you won’t almost certainly utilize the video application again on that day.


3) If the set a cutoff of 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to the timeframe of the video application…

At that point you won’t almost certainly utilize the video application from 9:00 p.m. to next morning 6:00 a.m.

4) If you register Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as a gathering “SNS” and set the utilization time point of confinement of one day to 1 hour …

In the event that the all out utilization time of enrolled applications is 60 minutes (Twitter is utilized for 30 minutes, Facebook is utilized for 20 minutes, Instagram is utilized for 10 minutes and so forth), you won’t almost certainly utilize these applications on that day.


5) Register Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as a gathering “SNS” and set the time zone limitation from 21: 00 to 6: 00 …

You can not utilize every one of these applications from 21 o’clock to 6 o’clock the following morning.

Presently you can utilize the application dependent on your utilization as you can set a period limit for every application.

Locking the application utilizing a secret key empowers you to forbid kids from changing the settings all alone.


Youngsters stress can be decreased by passing a pre-recorded message when the application closes.

◆Main Features◆ 

● You can set the clock for every application. On the off chance that the time (max. as long as 24 hours) that you set has passed, at that point the separate application closes.

* Timer work is the time in which the application can be utilized ceaselessly.


For instance on the off chance that the time is set to 10 minutes, at that point the application can’t be utilized following 10 minutes.

In the event that you close the application before 10 minutes get over, at that point next time you can again utilize it for 10 minutes.

● You can’t utilize the application that has been bolted with the clock work amid the set holding up period (max as long as 24 hours).

● You can set the use time limit every day for every application and gathering. At the point when the use time limit has been achieved, you can not utilize the application on that day.


● For every application and gathering, you can set the time zone for which use is confined.

● You can anticipate changes in settings by locking with a secret phrase.

● There are settings with which you can avoid un-establishment by children.(* 1)


● While utilizing the comparing application, you can get shut down notice. You can choose the shut down warning accepting planning from 1 minute before shut down to 10 minutes before shut down.

● A pre-recorded sound message can be passed when you close the application being observed or when you attempt to begin the application whose utilization is presently confined.

● You can check the use status of use of recent hours, recent days or recent days.

● While utilizing the objective application, you can check the staying accessible time with the notice bar.


* 1 To empower the uninstall counteractive action work, utilize the terminal chairman benefit.

So as to have the capacity to uninstall once more, it is important to kill “Anticipate uninstallation” setting.

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