Era of Celestials Game

Era of Celestials Game

The adversary armed force have walked right to the door of the last bastion. The Celestials looked to their most noteworthy bosses. Battle for the wonder!

[Ultimate Game Experience] 

Smooth control, brilliant blow criticism, reasonable sounds, and staggering visuals with awe inspiring exceptional liveliness impacts and itemized 3D designs incorporated to bring an extreme amusement experience.


[Unique Elysian Transformation System] 

With the novel Elysian Transformation framework, gutsy legends can change into powerful Elysians and cut down deadly foes. Elysians with various abilities are hanging tight to be unlocked in your voyage, tackle the intensity of Elysians and use them astutely to confront distinctive situations!

[Sprite Companions] 

Distinctive sprites give diverse types of help, and you may switch between them freely, opening up an abundance of methodologies to enable you to defeat any circumstance.

[Spectacular Costumes] 


Period of Celestials contains a dazing exhibit of fantastic outfits, total with amazing sparkle impacts. So now there’s no reason not to put your best self forward, even on the front line.

[Real-Time PvP Battles] 

From the 1v1 continuous battle of Showdown to the multiplayer fights of the Sanguine Contest and Lava Expedition, Era of Celestials is loaded up with activity stuffed battle and liberal crown jewels for the victors.

[Boss Hunts] 


The Path of the Vanquisher is cleared with astounding hardware, and chasing supervisors is the primary method for getting gear and creating materials in Era of Celestials. Kill world supervisors, occurrence managers, the malicious mythical serpents that appear for restricted measures of time, or any of the numerous different managers to acquire attractive rewards and send your BR taking off.

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