Hide Photos & Videos Apk – Private Photo & Video Vault

Hide Photos & Videos Apk – Private Photo & Video Vault

🔒 Protect your security

Conceal pictures and recordings with LockMyPix in your private photograph and video vault. Scramble and secure individual photographs or recordings with demonstrated military-grade AES encryption. Prescribed by CHIP.DE.

No one will probably observe your mysteries:


LockMyPix is the least demanding approach to deal with who sees what. Your open display stays accessible to your companions, family and collaborators yet your mysteries are ensured in your private photograph lock application.

🔑 Login with PIN, unique finger impression, secret key or example to your private vault

📷 Hide and Lock boundless photographs and recordings

🔒 True AES CTR encryption


Assume full responsibility for your protection: 

LockMyPix does not simply shroud pictures and recordings like different applications do. It utilizes genuine encryption, same as governments and banks around the world. Simply add photographs or recordings to your LockMyPix Photo and Video Vault to keep them genuinely private.

Appreciate numerous highlights: 

• Create an imitation Fake Safe with a seperate PIN code


• Complete help for the sd-card

• Make LockMyPix completely undetectable

• Create encoded reinforcements

• Supports gif’s too


What’s the distinction to comparative applications? 

LockMyPix encodes your private photographs and recordings dissimilar to different applications do. Your privates are covered up as well as really safe and encoded with AES CTR. It’s not possible for anyone to see your private records without your private secret phrase. No traps. Full security.

★ LockMyPix Pro elite highlights: 

• Fake-Login: Enhance your protection. LockMyPix secures you against individuals who will compel you to open your private pictures or recordings. Utilize the Fake Safe element that opens a fake LockMyPix vault where you can put different pictures/recordings. No one realizes that you have some other documents in your LockMyPix vault.

• SD-CARD: Use the sd-card to store your private photograph and video vault.


Valuable to free up space on your interior stockpiling.

• Hide the application: LockMyPix will resemble another application yet just you know the mystery.

Ensure your protection now with simple to utilize encryption. Keep your private photographs and recordings securely put away in your exceptionally private AES CTR ensured mystery photograph and video vault.


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