Learn Namaz in Urdu + Audio Apk

Learn Namaz in Urdu + Audio Apk

Learn Namaz in Urdu application is a basic guide for offering Salah (Prayer or Namaz). Principle favorable position of Learn Namaz in Urdu is it’s a without web.. In this App Namaz all means with visual and sound introduction for men and furthermore for ladies. Learn Namaz in Urdu application is ideal and simple application for all Muslims. Learn Namaz disconnected.

Learn Namaz in Urdu application depicts every Pro Feature and arrangements of following inquiries concerning Namaz: 

1- First of All Learn Namaz application is present for Muslim Brothers and sisters

2- How to stand and bow before ALLAH


3- How to perform Sajdah or sajda before ALLAH

4- Name of Prayers or Namaz

5- What are the conditions for saying petitions

6- How numerous obligations or Farz to do in Namaz to satisfy and saying petitions consummately.


7- How numerous Sunnahs in a Prayer or Namaz.

8- Some fundamental data pretty much All Namaz (fajir Namaz, Duhar or Zuhar Namaz and so forth.)

9- How numerous parts or Rakat in a Namaz.

10- What to Read or recount in Namaz


11- Niyyat, Sanah, Qiyam, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas, Dua, RUKU, SOJJOD, Tashhud, Darood Shareef (SAW), Last DUA, Dua-e-Qunoot and Salam and so forth.

12- All ventures of Namaz with pictorial or visual introduction and sound recitation of all Namaz ventures of Arabic content just for to learn Namaz effectively.

13- What we recount or read in Namaz, all given with Arabic sentence and with Urdu Translation

14- Learn Namaz App is the best and free application with straightforward and essential Islamic instruction.


15-Ahadith References for significance of supplication from Bukhari Shareef

16- Make Dua for Us or Prayer for us.

Namaz is the most essential obligation (farz) in Islam. There are a ton of stanzas in the Quran Pak in which significance of Prayer (Salah or Namaz) like:

“As to the individuals who hold quick by the Book and build up ordinary supplication,- never will We endure the reward of the honest to die”. [7:170]


As referenced in Hadith “Salah or Namaz is a mainstay of Islam”. We realize that Allah in one and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) his last courier. So we need to obey Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) request and offer each of the five times each day. Names of Namazs are Fajir or Fajar, Zuhar or Duhr, Asr, Magrib or Maghrib, Eesha or Isha, Namaz e Juma or Jumma,. Its our first obligation to adapt right and precise strategy for Namaz. We need to learn namaz well ordered with right strategy.

In Islam its parent’s obligation to express their seven years of age kid to state Namaz and show their children Asan Namaz or well ordered Namaz with Easy and right technique. They need to instruct kids that what are the Adab-e-Masjid( Respects of Mosque). Children of Muslims must find out about How to present Holy Qur’an with Arabic content.


On the off chance that you have any proposals as well as discover any blunder or mix-up in Arabic content, Urdu interpretation, voice discourse or sound recitation in Learn Namaz App then get in touch with us


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