LIKE Video Apk -Magic Video Maker & Community

LIKE Video Apk -Magic Video Maker & Community

This is the Magic video creator and network that young people far and wide are playing with. Time to demonstrate your imagination with 300+ novel enhancements, one touch to appreciate the Sci-Fi impacts with “Superpower”, “Flying”, “Time Travel”, and “Lilliput”. Unite the world’s biggest network with Special Magic Effects video producer, play with a great many social influencers around the globe, and revelation something new consistently! With LIKE, everybody is a Magician!

1. Extraordinary Music Magic channel 

The overall extraordinary innovation acknowledgment of music rhythm,various astonishing impact will be appeared at the difference in tone, sound and volume. Utilizing this channel, you can combine music and enchantment impact easily, so as to make a dynamic music satire in 1 minute.


2. Acting and Lipsync 

LIKE have gathered million of discourse materials all around the globe. You can transform into the hero of your most loved motion picture in 1 second,sharing your acting abilities and glad to the general population all around the globe.

3. One of a kind 4D enchantment all around the globe 

The overall first teachnology frontal area and foundation division work in addition to body edge acknowledgment work, which can enable you to acknowledge a wide range of impact, for example, Rocket,Pass Through, Lilliput,etc. Additionally, you can switch into various scene easily with in excess of 20 sorts of show up and vanish impact.


4. The world’s neatest innovation “superpowers” 

Control downpour, snow, thunder, fire, and even earth through basic body developments. The world’s first instrument to make enchantment recordings: through the main innovation of body activity acknowledgment + self-learning AI calculation show, we understood the creative video-recording with signal and development control of embellishments.

Not at all like post-altering apparatuses, you can accomplish 10 kinds of superpowers by motion and development. What you see is the thing that you get! One touch to finish the superpowers video, and become powerful. Time for you to be cool and fun!

5. Enchantment Touch 


More than 50 amusing enchantment impacts including Heart,Fire, Rain,Star Dust and more work easily and make your recordings totally flawless!

6. Face stickers 

Cute,beautiful,cool,ugly,magical,elegant,funny,etc. Regardless of what sort of style you need, you can trun into the sort in 1 second with LIKE face stickers in 1 sceond. Blossom, My Heart,Spit Fire, etc entertaining powerful stickers can make your selfie to split far from monotony starting now and into the foreseeable future.

7. Enchantment Live 


The world’s first Magic Live can give you a fresh out of the plastic new supernatural experience! With enhanced fans communication capacities, you can trick or enhance the Live vlogger as your desire, and there are more blessing choice for you to emerge from the group.

8. Blast 

Energizing Boom impacts empower you to make recordings simply like in Hollywood War motion pictures! You will be the superhuman in 1 second the minute you utilize the Boom impacts!

9. Blend Effects 


Only a basic snap and the blend impacts including Soulstuff, Blurred lines,Heartbeat superior to anything Special impacts motion pictures are coming! The minute you utilize the Mix impacts, your video turns out to be ground-breaking eye-stunning! With the Mix impacts, you can make recordings quicker and better!

10. Computer based intelligence Beauty Filters 

Shrewd Beauty works together with different channels naturally makes you impeccable in the video!

LIKE is presently accessible in 23 dialects:


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