Messenger Dual App – Multi Accounts Parallel App Apk

Messenger Dual App – Multi Accounts Parallel App

Do you have two records for Messaging, tired to sign in and out to get unmistakable message?

Do you have multi delight accounts, need them all online to get twofold association?

★ One application, All message: 


We support most Instant Messaging. Different records can work in the meantime on one contraption, interface assorted associates and offer parallel information.

★ Double Game Experience :

You can open two delight speaks to Google Play and get understanding for the two records meanwhile! We directly reinforce 99% of top preoccupations!

★ Fast Switch between Interface


★One click opens distinctive records

• Parallel records supports for making a solitary tick.

• Run two records in the meantime and switch between them fast with one-tap to reasonable supervise differing records.

★Parallel App Lite is a lighter structure that we released starting late. It gives the lightest foundation pack, saving more structure resources and running much speedier.


In case you are using the Double Space and the Dual Space Lite meanwhile, speculatively you can feasible that running various records immediately.

★Parallel Space is an application for android that empowers customers to clone and run various records of the proportionate application in the meantime on one device, and besides engages customers to make their revamp space.

★Switch snappy among various records

• By basically tapping on catch, it could change viably beginning with one record then onto the following one


Additionally, you can transform into our VIP and get progressively capable features, for instance,

★ Security Lock: Lock your applications, shield your insurance from looking

★ Secret Zone: Move your riddle applications in, guarantee your puzzles in your phone

★Protect your security, make applications imperceptible on device through Incognito Installation


• Hide your puzzle applications without worrying over prying eyes by keeping applications just in secret space.

• Protect your security with a security lock.

• It would in like manner guarantee application using insurance and keep them secure in the device. Your parallel space will be very shielded and not be disturbed each other.

Expressing profound gratitude to you for using this application, give us your information, rating and consider for future updates.


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