Reverse Movie FX Apk – magic video

Reverse Movie FX Apk – magic video

Pivot Movie FX is an application that allows you to make a rearrange video that takes after a charm trap! First record a video of someone (or you): walking, drinking crushed orange, talking or whatever other believed that goes to your head! After that select a perfect film part and press start! The application will transform your video: you will see people walking around invert, your friend spitting the juice out, people talking backward!

Two or three considerations of video rearrange: 

– tear a sheet of paper


– hurling a sheet of papier to the can

– drinking a juice (and spitting it out in this manner)

– spilling a juice

– money pulling in


-, etc.

Switch video decisions:

– Add music

– exchanged + special (circle)


– special + exchanged (circle)

Out it an endeavor, you’ll be dazed! See how to play video in switch! You can give the result to your buddies clearly wherever you need: email, etc.

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