Speed Booster Apk & RAM Cleaner: Phone Clean & Boost

Speed Booster Apk & RAM Cleaner: Phone Clean & Boost

Speed Booster and RAM Cleaner – is TOP phone cleaner and speed advertiser for Android. You need just a single tap to clean memory and lift phone speed.

Memory is for each situation full?

Your phone is moderate?


Beguilements are slacking?

🚀 Speed Booster and RAM Cleaner will clean your phone, help perfomance and make your contraption much speedier, so you neglect all of the issues and get your phone reborned.

You need to: 

✅ Install Speed Booster and RAM Cleaner


✅ Boost your structure and speed

✅ Enjoy smooth scrutinizing and gaming learning!

Speed Booster and RAM Cleaner – all you need to make your phone fill in a similar class as you always required.

Speed Booster will help RAM so your phone will work so brisk that you will experience considerable difficulties trusting it.


Lift RAM and augmentation phone’s perfomance – everything in just a single TAP.

Speed Booster Features: 

🚀 Boost and Clean 

Keep your phone unimaginable by only a lone tap. One tap and our Phone Cleaner and Speed Booster will get your phone another life.

🔥 Phone Booster 


Lift your amusements and applications, free up memory (RAM), quicken your contraption and extra more battery. Improve perfomance of your Android device. Our Speed Booster feature bolster phone speed so it works very snappy.

✔️ Easy to Use 

Easy to use. You ought to just to push a catch. Simply tap once and Phone Cleaner and Speed Booster will make your phone uncommon afresh.

🔄 Memory Optimizer 


Exhibit the utilization of your hard and fast memory, and show the use of each running applications with the objective that you know which application exhausts the most memory.

❄️ CPU Cooler 

The CPU Cooler can chill off your device by cleaning futile applications, which greatly improves your device’s CPU execution. With this light gadget, no root get to is required to chill off CPU.

🎮 Game Booster 


The Game Speed Booster can promptly enliven your gaming speed. With this light gadget, no root get to is required to help your beguilement speed.

🔋 Battery Saver 

Screen all applications that channel control while not being utilized and every running application’s ability use and remind you about high usage applications. You would one have the capacity to click saving according to the once-over.


Your Best Battery Saver and phone all the more perfect!

For what reason do you need Speed Booster and RAM Cleaner?

Everyone sooner or later faces a couple of issues with phone. When you buy another phone, it works wonderfully, there is much space to use and your are just substance with your phone’s perfomance. In any case, sooner or later it’s beginning and end gone. Phone is moderate, memory is full, inadequate additional room, and so forth.

Fortunately, there is a response for all of these issues. All you need is essentially to present Speed Booster and RAM Cleaner and value using your phone again. Speed Booster bolster your phone perfomance, so it won’t be moderate and work as fast as it worked when you just started using it.


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