Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9/S8 launcher

Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9/S8 launcher

S9 Launcher is a Galaxy S9 style launcher, give you latest Galaxy S8/S9 launcher experience; Easy, current, fantastic launcher!

S9 Launcher is open for all Android 4.1+ contraptions!

✔ Who will get a motivating force from this S9 Launcher? 


1. Customers who have old Galaxy S, Galaxy An, etc phones and need to use latest Galaxy S9/S8 launcher experience, it will make your phone look like present day Galaxy S9/S8

2. Customers who have all other Android 4.1+ devices and need to use latest present day Galaxy S9 S9+ launcher experience

✔ S9 Launcher standard features: 

* Include Galaxy S9/S8 launcher subject, even all application images are formed to Galaxy S9’s image shape style


* Galaxy S9/S8 style launcher bureau, you may pick level style or vertical style

* Many cool launcher subjects in point store; Galaxy S9 launcher moreover reinforce for all intents and purposes all outcast launcher image pack

* Build in accommodating contraptions: support, cleaner, consume, battery saver, etc in launcher side toolbar


* Various sign action support, let you work launcher supportively

* Hide application and lock application viably from launcher

* Highly movable launcher: you can change launcher arrange measure, image gauge, shading, content style, etc

* App rapid zone/finding in launcher all applications bureau


* Notification recognizable proof for missed call, new message and all applications

* Support lock work zone organization to avoid s9 launcher work region being crushed by kids

* Many online superb wallpapers,galaxy s9 scenery

* Various launcher work zone advance effect


* Support make envelope in launcher bureau

* Support auto describe applications to launcher work region coordinators

✔ Some approval illumination: 

1. Examine Sms, Read contacts, Read call log: Needed by new Sms counter and missed call counter component


2. Scrutinize content provider: Needed by new Gmail counter segment

3. Camera approval: Needed by side toolbar – > camera and spotlight feature

✔ Notice: 

1. Android™ is an enrolled trademark of Google, Inc.


2. Samsung is an enrolled trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

This isn’t real Samsung TouchWiz launcher or Samsung Experience launcher thing.

✔ If you like this S9 Launcher(Galaxy S9/S9+ launcher style), if its all the same to you rate us and leave comments, you shake for your assistance!


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