War Robots Game

War Robots Game 

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War Robots is a movement squeezed multiplayer preoccupation with 6 versus 6 bunch battles ceaselessly!

It’s a time of war, pilot! Is it precise to state that you are set up for surprise attacks, multifaceted vital moves and the various unpretentious devices your adversaries have accessible for you? weapons to manufacture fight quality, speed, and sturdiness of your battle robot. Substantiate yourself in each guide and use different techniques and procedures to create fruitful from battle!


Essential FEATURES: 

– 48 battle robots with different characteristics;

– more than 50 weapon sorts, including ballistic rockets, essentialness and plasma guns. What will you pick?

– various potential mixes of robots and weapons. Make a war machine to oblige your own one of a kind play style;


– make your own one of a kind gathering and lead it to extraordinary triumphs;

– join epic PvP battles against enemies from wherever all through the world;

– complete military assignments for remunerations and get the Best Pilot title.

Ahead, officer! Triumph is yours!


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