AppBlock – Stay Focused

AppBlock – Stay Focused

AppBlock – Stay Focused is a Self Control android application that encourages you (its clients) to square diverting applications incidentally on your gadget with the goal that you can remain centered in school or at work. The blocker application can get actuated for an exact time and date, and once the pre-set time length is finished, the blocked applications can be utilized once more.

Set your profile as indicated by the wireless association or area as well (your profile will begin when you get the chance to work and so forth). In the event that your poise is feeble, Strict Mode will support you!

Keen efficiency application and restraint sponsor 

Use AppBlock as your internet based life blocker, center clock and for the most part an adaptable center application to support profitability. See why AppBlock is a standout amongst the best profitability apparatuses and application to square applications for Android. Have your own center clock in our square diverting application!


Step by step instructions to utilize: 

Our profitability application AppBlock – Stay Focused is extremely simple to utilize. Download and select the applications that may appear diverting while you are doing significant employments. It keeps their warning off for a specific time as per your inclination. Moreover:

✔️ By utilizing application blocker discretion application, you can briefly obstruct any application

✔️ You can likewise briefly hinder your email and keep your email notices off.


✔️ You can choose a period limit for utilizing applications every day when a specific profile is initiated. For instance just 20 minutes of Facebook during working time or at school.

✔️ If you would prefer not to have the option to change settings during blocking time, simply use AppBlock Strict Mode which will assist you with your restraint

✔️ You can likewise incapacitate different warnings for a particular time to enable you to think (One significant update: Notification blocking works from Android form 4.3).

Application’s Features: 


Investigate the application blocker highlights of the AppBlock application and learn mores insights regarding how this utility and security defender application works for your work-life balance:

✔️ Block application dispatch: be finicky and particular about application dispatch,

✔️ Select to what extent you need to spend in a specific application for every day when a profile is dynamic. Close to 15 minutes of Facebook in school or during working hours,

✔️ Disable warnings from specific application: you can maintain a strategic distance from undesirable interchanges,


✔️ Create profiles with guidelines for gatherings of specific applications: you can force confinements of open profile,

✔️ Use a clock and initiate profiles for a chose time window,

✔️ Protect your AppBlock application with a PIN code: it will improve your security convention and protection designs on your gadget,

✔️ Boost your efficiency


✔️ List of blocked notices, so you don’t miss anything

✔️ Profile lock (open just when telephone is associated with charger)

✔️ Strict Mode

AppBlock makes a difference: 


☝️ increase poise

👪 increase quality time with your family

📵 with your telephone habit

👇 with advanced eating regimen – diminish time wastage


✌️ finding harmony (when you need offtime)

☀️ to be progressively hostile to social

📴 reduce screen time (telephone use)

💪 to center around significant employments, connections and so on.


🌴 with computerized prosperity

🤳 reduce your fixate on your gadget

Download the application AppBlock – Stay Focused and remain increasingly centered distinctly around your work. It is a straightforward and steady approach to upgrade your profitability and work quality by remaining concentrated on your work as it were.



On the off chance that you or your tyke have ADHD, AppBlock will enable you to think and build your profitability. The outcome is a higher nature of your work and family time.

Known issue 

On the off chance that application blocking doesn’t work or App Block utilize an excess of battery please go to AppBlock settings and permit AppBlock in Accessibility Settings.

Counteract uninstallation 


This application utilizes the Device Administrator authorization so as to give Strict mode usefulness which keeps you or your youngsters from uninstalling the application.

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