StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker

StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker

StoryZ Photo development : Create visual stories from still pictures.

Make your photographs move and spring up.


Make vivified Double Exposure Effect with mix of static imagery and overlay video.

Storyz is a unique application to make and share photo development workmanship. Breath life into your photographs with straightforward and direct mechanical assemblies. A Photo action suite correspondingly sensible for beginners similarly as pros. Be a bit of a primary photography organize and get a chance to get inspiration from various skilled workers.

Make bewildering improved perceptions like cinemagraph, twofold revealed gifs or supernatural moving pictures.

It can change your photo into stimulated GIF and Animated Double Exposure.


You can make an Animated Video out of a still picture and get dumbfounding enthusiasm impacts.

Storyz offers:


Make your photographs move and become energized and make dazzling propelled articulations!


Using StoryZ application gadgets make still pictures into empowered visuals using development sway on pictures.

Swell can empower still pictures to make staggering excited photographs or propelled articulations.

Convert a still picture to dumbfounding video by including bearing pointers.



• Multiple layers of video, impacts, overlays support.

• Choose your favored overlay from an enormous Asset Store.

• Video Overlay Effects is planned to give distinctive video overlay effects to changing your most adored photos and chronicles.



Blend still pictures with video to get surprising enthusiasm impacts.

Make your video stories blending overlay video on still picture.

You can make an Animated Video from out of a still picture and mixing a video.

It can change your photo into vivified GIF and Animated Double Exposure.


Union still picture with video overlay to make shocking cinemagraphs.

Union photo with overlay video, video development to make surprising improved perceptions like cinemagraph, twofold revealed gifs or puzzling moving portrayals.

Events: One of a kindhearted event corner offers consistently troubles to keep you on your feet. Search for affirmation in the StoryZ social order!

Featured: Selected segment is incorporated each day on the greeting page. Draw out the covered specialist!


Prevalent quality: Create, extra and offer chronicles in high objectives.

Drafts: Save different drafts in Ripple for at some point later.

The best strategy to make Ripple Storyz:

a. Select a picture and yield it your optimal size.


b. Development point: Add development centers/jolts to offer development to a bit of your picture. Honed stone picks the course of development.

c. Development course of action: Motion game plan is a progression of likewise estimated development centers to offer consecutive development to a bit of your picture. This segment adds development to the entire length of the gathering.

d. Alteration centers: Add modification centers to shield a section of your picture from moving by compelling the effect of dynamic point or course of action.

e. Modification game plan: Stabilization game plan is a gathering of comparably separated alteration centers.


f. Erase: Swipe your finger transversely over one of a kind or change centers/course of action to annihilate them.

g. Shroud: Use spread in the domain where you needn’t bother with the image to move. This can be incorporated using the manual brush/erase.

h. Tap Play to see your Picture StoryZ.

Guidelines to make Motion Storyz: 


a. Select a picture.

b. Select any video from your Gallery.

c. Use charm or manual brush to blend video with the picture.

d. Tap to Play.



– You can purchase in StoryZ premium participation for unlimited access to all features inside StoryZ application.

– Subscriptions are charged month to month, consistently at the rate picked depending upon the participation plan.

– Subscriptions auto-reestablish to the detriment of the picked group, aside from whenever dropped 24-hours early going before the completion of the here and now outline.


– You may manage your participation and state of mind executioner auto-reclamation by taking off to your Account Settings after purchase.

– Once purchased, limits won’t be obliged any unused piece of the term.


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