Alarm Clock with Missions & Loud Ringtones -Alarmy

Alarm Clock with Missions & Loud Ringtones -Alarmy

⏰ “World’s Most Annoying morning timer application”

– Cnet, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, PC Mag…

Principle FEATURES 


■Highest evaluated morning timer application on the planet with 4.7 stars and more than 800,000 surveys! (among caution applications with over 100K audits)

■Crazy boisterous ringtones for substantial sleepers and night owl yet additionally for morning individuals who need to wake up tenderly with no nervousness

■”Photo Missions” – Wake up and snap a photo of the enlisted spot to close down the morning timer

■”Math Missions” – Solve from easy to cutting edge math issues to expel morning timer and kickstart your mind


■”Barcode Missions” – When you hear the alert sound, take a gander at the clock time. On the off chance that you would prefer not to nap the morning timer, at that point snap a photo of the scanner tag to kill the caution.

■”Shake Missions” – Shake your telephone up to multiple times to stop morning timer and wake up your body


■Current temperature: check morning temperature and pick your outfit for the afternoon


■Customize by playing your very own music, tunes, and redoing foundation hues

■ Snooze/Gradual blur in/Vibrate to make your enlivening delicate

■Quick morning timer for speedy assignments when you don’t have time

■Set morning timer time effectively and rapidly through Google Assistant on your home screen


■ Disable android power off: this component will impair you from killing your telephone while morning timer is ringing to enable you to stir

■ Disable application erasure: this component will cripple application cancellation while your morning timer is ringing, guaranteeing you don’t mood killer your telephone in your rest

■ No compelling reason to run application out of sight: caution will go off regardless of whether the application isn’t running – no battery channel



Morning timer with Missions and Loud Ringtones transforms your Android telephone into a simple to utilize a morning timer that plays your preferred music and 10 diverse irritating boisterous morning timer sounds you can’t overlook.

With Alarmy you can wake up to five distinct missions. Diverse rest choices help you wake up gradually and slowly. No more sleep in, wake up effectively, and be invigorated with different caution ringtones and sharp timekeepers. Made by overwhelming sleepers for substantial sleepers.

Appreciate this excellent and solid morning timer application, ideal for anybody needing to get up following a decent night’s rest.



Named as “the world’s most irritating morning timer,” Alarmy has rapidly turned into the universes most elevated appraised caution application turning into the most loved versatile morning timer application among clients. It has been highlighted in Gizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is right now #1 in its class in 97 nations, including the United States, France, Germany, and South Korea.


– Take a photograph or an image of a spot far from your room where you should get up to stop the morning timer.

– When morning timer begins ringing, you will have take the accurate photograph for the caution to stop.


e.g.) If you enlisted the restroom wake up and snap a photo of the washroom at a comparative point.

Authorization INFO


– Alarmy needs this authorization for the image alert mood killer strategy, which requires clients snap a photo



– Alarmy needs this authorization to stack outside ringtones for the morning timer.


– Alarmy needs this consent to spare pictures taken by clients who are utilizing the image mood killer technique caution



– Alarmy need this authorization to get climate data after the alert has been killed.


– Alarmy need this authorization to avert the caution application from uninstall


– This morning timer application utilizes DEVICE MANAGER consent

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