RAM Booster (Memory Cleaner)

RAM Booster (Memory Cleaner)

The most exquisite and unbelievable pummel supporter for android! You can screen accumulating and crush information meanwhile, and clean the memory, help your phone. Crush support gives various sorts of gadgets. tallying: one tap help, pummel device, cpu contraption, battery device, work zone drifting window, status bar floating window, over warmth alert. You can screen the pummel, cpu and battery information favorable. The detail features including:

★ RAM Booster 

Clean the pummel and lift your phone, and you can set the disregard rundown subject to your own one of a kind needs.


★ One Tap Boost 

You can make the『One Tap Boost』shortcut, help crush incredibly favorable.

★ Temperature Over Heat Alarm 

Crush supporter will trigger an alert when cpu’s or battery’s temperature is over warmth, you can pick open or close the over warmth alert as your like.


★ Floating Window 

Drifting window show the cpu temperature, battery temperature, crush use progressing, including: status bar skimming window and work zone floating window.

★ Widget 

Support crush device, cpu contraption and battery device.


★ Multi-Theme 

Crush support is dazzling and backing multi-subject trading, you can pick the theme you like.

If you like RAM Booster, you can climb to virtuoso variation 『Powerful System Monitor』: CPU Monitor, Storage Cleaner, RAM Booster, Battery Monitor, Battery Saver no matter how you look at it!


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