Simple Alarm Clock Free

Simple Alarm Clock Free

Basic Alarm is a free morning timer application intended to make, alter and expel cautions in the most straightforward manner. You can go through Simple Alarm to wake toward the beginning of the day or to arrangement updates for your errands during the day.

Straightforward Alarm’s primary bit of leeway is that you can type in the ideal opportunity for a caution legitimately as opposed to utilizing a selector, squeezing bolts or traveling through a huge rundown of numbers. You can simply press the catches for the hours and minutes of your new alert legitimately in a numeric console on screen, and that is it! You can likewise alter or evacuate cautions with only one touch, sparing a great deal of time when you have to arrangement your alerts.


Not at all like other morning timers for Android, Simple Alarm sorts your cautions in the request they will sound straightaway, so you can without much of a stretch recognize which are the errands you need to do straightaway, on the off chance that you are utilizing Simple Alarm as a “To Do” assignments list.

On the off chance that you go through Simple Alarm to wake you, you will most likely wake up tenderly from your fantasies, in a quiet and dynamic way, since Simple Alarm expands alert volume gradually as opposed to beginning at greatest volume. Thusly, you can abstain from being surprised with a solid sound while you are in a profound rest.

What’s more, to keep you from de-enacting the alert and continue dozing, Simple Alarm has a 3-catch deactivation technique (discretionary), so you should be truly wakeful to do as such. In the event that you need to continue resting for some time, you can delay the alert by squeezing only one major Snooze catch. As everybody has his/her own inclinations and necessities, Simple Alarm gives you a chance to alter alert’s sound (choosing any ringtone, sound or tune in your telephone) and interruption length between cautions.

On the off chance that you need to wake up in the meantime consistently, on work days, ends of the week or only a couple of days seven days, you can without much of a stretch select which days when making the alert, and the morning timer will go off on that chosen days consistently.


For every one of the reasons above, Simple Alarm is the best morning timer in the market, and it is vastly improved than Android’s default morning timers.

Basic Alarm Features:

● Fastest arrangement technique.

● Alarm empowering/impairing with one touch.


● Set a message for each alert.

● AM/PM or 24 hours configuration

● Alarms arranged in the request they will ring.

● Repeat cautions each week on certain days.


● Select the caution sound you need from all your telephone’s ringtones, melodies and sounds.

● Customize Snooze term.

● 3 catches alert de-initiation to abstain from turning caution off and keep resting (discretionary).

● 1 catch alert Snooze.


● Wake up delicately while volume and vibration increments gradually.

● Special plan for tablets and huge cellphones

● It’s free!


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