Smart Booster – Free Cleaner

Smart Booster – Free Cleaner

The best upgrade gadget.

Highlights of Smart Booster 

► Smart RAM Booster: little contraption to adaptively lift RAM from wherever

► Fast save cleaner: a solitary tick to clean store


► Quick SD Card cleaner: successfully range and clean trash made by million applications

► Advanced application executive: advance your contraptions by rest, cripple, auto-start applications

Endorsed by AddictiveTips. Hotest Apps by AppBrain.

Clever RAM Booster


The most magnificent bit of this application is a little, configurable contraption that spots over any application and a solitary tick to RAM support.

Most of Android contraptions pack with limited memory. Android task boss will explicitly butcher low need endeavors to

hold memory to higher need task. That isn’t by and large continued running at a fitting time, causing low responsive applications, slacking,

especially when you dispatch another application after enthusiastically scrutinizing site pages. It causes an increasingly horrible experience.


Crush Booster goes with auto-help in 4 levels: intense, strong, medium, sensitive.

☆ Aggressive: butcher most of low need applications

☆ Strong: Kill applications that is low need similarly as eat up carefully underneath an “ordinary”

☆ Medium: butcher applications that eats up memory over a “typical”


☆ Gentle: butcher just applications that usages noteworthy memory

There are 5 distinct approaches to help

☆ Auto-help: bolster thusly under RAM available and timing conditions

☆ Overlay contraption – Enable RAM Booster overlay device (on as per normal procedure), change device’s position, and tap on device to help at whatever point you need


☆ Home screen contraption – one tap to help (long-press your home screen>Widget to incorporate RAM Booster device)

☆ Notification bar – one tap to help (switch cautioning bar detectable quality in application’s setting)

☆ Boost Now – tap this catch from application’s standard screen

Fast save all the more spotless 

☆ 1-snap to clean hold


☆ Show detail inside store and outside hold

☆ Select applications that use for the most part hold

Quick SD Card all the more spotless 

☆ Show SD card bundle


☆ Scan for trash coordinator, gigantic reports, stranded records

☆ Nice photo cleaner, music all the more perfect

☆ Notify for low storing usage

Pushed application executive


☆ Easily support, uninstall unused applications

☆ App2SD – recommend applications to move to sd card

☆ Hibernate on occasion used applications to save battery

☆ Disable structure applications


☆ Scan auto-start applications

☆ Manage support (.apk) reports

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