Clone Camera 2019

Clone Camera 2019

★ Participate to win a spot in our exhibit by tailing us

on Instagram and including #CloneCameraChoice

to your most loved photos.★


Need to make photographs that stick out? Wish you could clone yourself?

CloneCamera causes you make immaculate clone photographs!

There’s no preset casings, so let your creative mind run free!



1. Incredible photographs

2. An improved self-clock

3. Various channels to browse

4. Offer with your companions right away


5. A start-up manual for assistance you on your first attempt

6. Supports high-goals pictures


1. Take the same number of photographs as you need


2. Select up to 4 photographs to consolidate

3. Diagram the subject you need to clone

4. Press ‘Review’ to check the last outcome

5. Pick a channel, alter, and crop


6. Offer!

Take part to win a spot in our exhibit!

You should simply:

2. Label #CloneCameraChoice to your most loved photographs


See others’ photos on Instagram via looking #clonecamera

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