Ludo All Star – Online Classic Board & Dice Game

Ludo All-Star is an ongoing, family-accommodating, online board and bones game that will resuscitate your beloved recollections. Ludo, a less difficult adaptation of another Indian cross and circle game called Pachisi, is a great technique board and shakers game played by 2 or 4 players. Players roll a shakers and race their four tokens from beginning to end as per the bones roll.

Alongside the typical interactivity, all-new online ludo game, Ludo All-Star has thought of an intriguing turn that will make you a lord of ludo. You would now be able to put down wagers online with in-game money to add more excite to the great ludo game!

The game likewise has a Raid Mode, which makes the game further intriguing. 

By and large mistook for other exemplary system tabletop games like Pachisi, Parcheesi, Trouble, Sorry, and Airplane chess, Ludo is a lot more clear and play. Along these lines, jump aboard and begin your Ludo experience with Ludo All-Star at the present time, and be a Ludo star!


Ludo All-Star Highlights 

Customary and Arabic subject

Play online in 2 player and 4 player modes

Play disconnected


Attack Mode

Put down wagers with in-game cash

Fix your bones roll and be the ace of your own karma

Move first after a 6, and afterward select tokens to apply the moves to


Visit and make companions

Get fortunate day by day with an every day turn wheel

Win coins by winning games. The more you win, the more you acquire.

Turn wheel for every day rewards


Standards of Ludo

Players alternate to roll the bones. A player should roll a 6 preceding the person in question can explore a hued piece from its beginning stage to the beginning square. From that point forward, in every one of the resulting turns the player explores a piece forward for one to six squares as shown by the bones roll.

At the point when a 6 is rolled, the player may propel a token as of now in play, or may enter another arranged token to its beginning square. Rolling a 6 gains the player an extra or “reward” come in that turn. In the event that the reward move brings about a 6 once more, the player procures an extra reward roll. In the event that the third roll is additionally a 6, the player needs to relinquish his/her turn which at that point goes to the following player.

In situations where the player has rolled a six, the player may likewise isolate the odds if the two pieces are dynamic. For instance, the person in question can explore one piece by 6 houses and another piece by 4 houses. On the other hand, both the odds can be played utilizing one single piece just; for example the player may explore one piece for 6+4=10 houses.


Players may not end their proceed onward a square they as of now involve. On the off chance that the development of a token finishes on a square involved by an adversary’s token, the rival token is come back to its proprietor’s yard. The returned token can be reemerged into play just when the proprietor rolls a 6. A player’s home section squares are constantly protected.

At the point when a piece has explored the board, it continues up the home section. A piece must be moved onto the home pocket by a careful roll. The primary player to move every one of the 4 pieces into the home pocket wins.

Prepare for the insane experience Ludo All-Star is going to take you on, with it’s best ever in-game highlights.

Download Ludo All-Star now! Ace the game and be a Ludo Star!


Stay tuned for more highlights!

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